Mustard Mustard

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May 19, 2016 by Smock Alley

Is there any condiment as versatile and adaptable as mustard? No! No, is the answer. It’s a doddle to make, and can be played around with ingredients wise to create your very own signature mustard.

You can go the route of mustard powder and a liquid- with water you would get something very similar to English mustard, with wine closer to Dijon.

Or you can soak mustard seeds, white, black or brown and then blitz them for something a little more coarse, such as a wholegrain.

We decided to use a combination of yellow and brown seeds (175g of each), soaked overnight in wheat beer (500ml).


Once time has lapsed, the seeds should have soaked up all the liquid and be quite plump.


Add cider vinegar (175ml), honey (4 table spoons), a pinch of salt, ground cardamom seeds, chili to taste and blitz. The longer the time in the blender will make the mustard smoother, but it will still have seeds visible.


You could strain it if you want, but life’s too short. Pop into sterilised jars and you’ll be able to enjoy it for a few weeks. Alternatively use wine, whiskey, gin, smoked salt, cumin, tarragon, white wine vinegar, balsamic, you get the idea.

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