Ricotta Hotcakes with Bananas & Raspberries

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April 27, 2016 by Smock Alley

Now, I’m no King, or indeed Queen, of Brunch (maybe an Archduke) but I’ve had enough Breakfast Lunch hybrids to know a good one from a bad one. Add this recipe to  your repertoire and you’ll  be lauded as a Brunch noble.  Also I’m not giving you quantities- you should know when it looks thick enough. I ain’t your Home Ec teacher.

This recipe comes from lovely Smiley Bill Granger down there in Australia. He uses honeycomb in his, but if I want a Crunchie, I’ll just have a Crunchie. Damn, now I really want a Crunchie.

So, mix flour with baking powder, egg yolks, cream, pinch of salt and ricotta cheese. Combine well, but keep the ricotta in lumps. Slice some bananas, toss them into the batter and mix. Next whisk the whites of the eggs you’ve used until firm, then fold into ricotta & banana batter.

Melt some butter in a pan and when foaming, add spoonfuls of the batter. Don’t add too large a spoonful or else you may have some difficulty flipping them. When cooked on one side (you’ll just know) flip and cook on the other side until it’s ready to serve.

Plop them on a plate, tumble over some raspberries and a drizzle of fruit puree, I use blackberry. Maple syrup would also work.

Look back, smile at your work and devour! IMG_1522

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