A Smoking Bishop

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December 3, 2015 by Smock Alley

smoking bishop

Good afternoon gentle readers, we’ve come over all festive here in Smock Alley and are busy prepping for our Christmas Fayre this weekend, as well as ‘A Christmas Carol’, opening Monday 7th December. It’s approaching sold out so don’t be a scrooge and not book tickets.

We’ll have lots of stalls to visit this weekend as well as some festive treats for you to sample on Saturday and Sunday. Sure pop along.

Next week we’ll be launching our festive Smocktail called ‘A Smoking Bishop’. It’s based on the traditional Victorian mulled drink ‘A Whispering Bishop’, but referred to in the novel ‘A Christmas Carol’ as ‘A Smoking Bishop’. I’m not one to argue with Mr Dickens, and also it creates a lovely synergy. And who doesn’t love synergy these days!  Huh? Thought not.

Gather together an orange, sliced into 12, stud liberally with cloves, and place in a pot with some ruby port, light brown sugar to taste, star anise, cinnamon and a bay leaf. Add a dash of brandy for fortitude and heat gently. When your room is suitably aromatised, indulge in the warm liquid, but in a sensible manner. Christmas these days is a marathon not a sprint. And you are no Flo Jo my friend! But then who is!?

Next week, 101 ways to hide brussel sprouts on your plate.


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