Mini Toadies in the Hole

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May 20, 2015 by Smock Alley

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This week is a canape we occasionally do, delicious and simple and a definite crowdpleaser.

For the batter, mix 100 grams of flour, a pinch of salt, 50 ml of milk or a mixture of cream and water, and 1 egg. You can add herbs or spices to your hearts content.

For the filling, we mix sausage meat with onion jam and form this into little meatballs.

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Heat a muffin tray with oil in each hollow in an oven at 200 degrees celsius, ensuring it gets very hot.

Quickly remove the muffin tin and pour the batter into each hollow, being careful as the batter and oil will sizzle and spit.

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Then pop in a little meatball and straight back into and oven for 10-15 minutes.

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The batter should puff up and envelop the meatball giving a delicious little pudding.

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