Craic for the Kiddies at Collaborations

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February 17, 2015 by Smock Alley

Collaborations festival kicks into gear here at Smock Alley this week. A festival of new ideas put together by some of the bravest risk-takers in town, Collaborations 2015 is jam packed with everything from physical theatre to comedy, clowns to time travelling mimes, and interactive theatre to staged readings. Running from February 18th to March 7th, there are even several options for the smaller members of the family…

Paper House
The Main Space – Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd February @ 4pm

paperhouseAcross the world there are stories of guardian spirits, Domovoi and House Brownies, unseen creatures that protect the household and the family within it.

A fledgling guardian spirit moves into a new building and tries to make it a home.

This physical theatre piece explores the life cycle of the buildings we live in, making a home and family of your own and the marks our homelife leaves on us all.

Funny and serious, It’s a show for anyone who got caught drawing on the walls or jumping on the furniture.

Ages 9+

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Cirque des Rêves / Mimes in Time
The Boys’ School – Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd February @ 3pm & 6.15pm

Cirque des Rêves

“The scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls…”~ Edgar Allen Poe~

Step right up to see the marvellous, the stupendous, the heart stopping Cirque de Rêves.

The greatest show on earth. Where the wonders of the natural and supernatural world meet and nothing is ever what it seems.

Mimes in Time

mimesintime200x200Two mimes from the distant future are trapped in a time vortex after their mime time machine implodes.

WARNING: Due to the unstable nature by which the performance is brought to you,protective gear is recommended. Audience members may be exposed to a dose as high as 1000 rads*

*Rad being a future unit for how radical a show is

Ages 9+

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Tap Tales – The Story of Walter Meter
The Main Space – Saturday 28th February @ 4pm & Sunday 1st March @ 2pm

taptalesJoin two wise (well, sort of) storytellers as they narrate the tale of Walter, the misunderstood water meter. What truths will he find on his worldwide travels and what strange characters will he meet? From his watery Dublin home, follow him on his quest to unearth the mystery of the leaky tap.

Warbling Door Productions is a new Children’s Theatre company based out of Dublin. This exciting play for young audiences explores global water issues. Tap Tales, The Story of Walter Meter hopes to educate and engage children in the greater world around them.

For Children aged 7-10.

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For more information about Collaborations and to view the full festival programme click here


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