Apple Pie

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December 1, 2014 by Smock Alley

‘Motherhood and Apple Pie.’

This may not be what they had in mind.

Apple Pie Drink

Our noble Director occasionally visits the USA, and “heard” of a moonshine drink called Apple Pie, popular in them rural areas. On further “academic” research, he “ascertained” that it was essentially cider and poitín and casually “mentioned” it during a staff meeting. Apple pie has subsequently been served and “enjoyed” at many bacchanalian Smock Alley staff parties, enjoying a near mythic status. And that is all we are legally allowed to say.

For a recent event we needed an Autumnal Smocktail and eureka, our perfectly legal version of Apple Pie was born. We use Teelings Poitín, a great 60% proof spirit from the Liberties. We infused a bottle with some cinnamon sticks for a couple of days beforehand. Poitín may be difficult to come by, either the legal or less legal variety, and if you can’t source it you may substitute vodka. A bison grass vodka would be perfect and probably much easier on your liver. If you let the cinnamon infuse long enough the colour will change to a dark amber.


We also use a lovely Cox (giggle) apple juice, which is beautifully cloudy and gives a depth of flavour you don’t get from the concentrate variety. This is my longwinded and subtle way of saying use cloudy apple juice. We had some spiced berry cordial in our stores, (we’re aware of how that sounds) and added a dash for colour and depth.

Topped with a little grating of nutmeg it is perfect for those winter evenings.



1 measure of Poitín, and we mean 1 measure.

150 ml cloudy apple Juice.

Dash of spiced berry cordial.


Fresh nutmeg.

Sprig of rosemary.


Pour the measure of Poitín in a glass, stir with some ice cubes. Add the dash of cordial if using, stir again. Top up your glass with some Apple Juice. Grate a little nutmeg on top, pop a sprig of rosemary in and voila! Deliciousness in a glass.


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