Black Forrest Gateaux Ghetto

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November 14, 2014 by Smock Alley

Who doesn’t love a cocktail or 4? We LOVE booze (and puns!) in Smock Alley – one of our clever duckies came up with the vernacular gem ‘Smocktails’ (we MAY have been drinking) which you might have seen emblazoned across the bar. How we laughed.

Subsequently, we’ve extended our range with various potations paying homage to past people and events in Smock’s history. We love to create bespoke drinks for various festivals, events, the hell of it, you name it. Sometimes, however, our punnery goes too far, gets vetoed and this is what happened with our ‘Black Forrest Ghetto’, a liquid play on the cakey delight. It’s all meant in the best possible 1970’s taste. In all senses of the word. So grab your jigger and your Boston shaker (or Manhattan shaker if you are so inclined) and lets get going.

You need 4 simple ingredients- 1½  shot of vodka,1 shot of Kahlua, 100 ml of cola and 50ml of cherry puree. Cos everyone has Kahlua and cherry puree, right?

Pop the vodka, Kahlua and cherry puree and ice in your chosen shaker and shake vigorously. VIGOROUSLY!

Strain into a glass, top with cola, add some crushed ice if you’re into that a sort of thing, cubes if you’re not. Garnish with a maraschino cherry if you’ve got some lying around and a dusting of cocoa powder for the ultimate in sophistication. (it’s five o clock SOMEWHERE).

it’s a sweet treat but packs a punch so ALWAYS drink responsibly.


Perfect for those planning a déclassé festive drinks party. Crank up the Baccara!

Now where did I leave those vol au vents?


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