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March 26, 2014 by Smock Alley

‘Love the Lanes’ is looking for new ideas and creative possibilities to help us rethink how we use the back lanes of Temple Bar. Over the years these lanes have fallen into disuse and have become magnets for anti-social behaviour. Our goal is to reactivate these lanes for people to use and enjoy.

We are launching an open call out for new ideas from all kinds of people; designers, crafters, environmentalists, horticulturists, artists, entrepreneurs, local residents and businesses…anyone who wants space to develop their idea. Everything is possible but the city cannot do it alone.

Four laneways in Temple Bar have been chosen for on street prototyping. We think these lanes have the potential to become great pedestrian spaces, to boost activity and feed into Temple Bar’s vibrant arts and culture scene.

Why Temple Bar Lanes?

Build on success. Temple Bar, Dublin’s Cultural Quarter is a mixed use area of 28 acres in the centre of Dublin City, home to thousands of residents and hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. Over the years Temple Bar has transformed from a derelict area into a thriving, living, dynamic space. We can build on what is already there to co- create new kinds of public spaces as a legacy to the city for its citizens and unique attractions for tourists.

Local momentum. Neighbouring businesses recognise the need to do something to reclaim these lanes to make them safer and more vibrant and to draw people to their businesses. They are looking for new initiatives to increase footfall and bring about behaviour change in relation to current illegal activities and anti-social behaviour on the laneways, which are impacting their business. We also want to build on the momentum to reactivate some of these lanes by local artists, for example the Icon Walk, which invites people to walk through Adair and Bedford Lanes.

Partnership approach. This project is a joint initiative between Temple Bar Company, who brings their networks and experience of promoting business and entertainment in this historic quarter and Dublin City Council, who have the technical expertise and local knowledge as service providers to enable new ideas for the public realm. By working together with citizens, local communities and businesses, we want to co-create more vibrant and safe laneways for everyone.


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