marriage + you + me = a civil(ised) unio

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February 8, 2013 by Smock Alley

marriage + you + me = a civil(ised) union

Smock Alley Theatre’s Banquet Hall has been approved for the solemnisation of civil marriages by the Health Service Executive, this week.
Since its doors re-opened in April of last year, the focus of the building has been primarily on the artistic programming of the two theatre spaces. However the splendour and size of the banquet hall, which sits on top of the Main Auditorium, did not go unnoticed in the events world and it was not long before the requests for launches, conferences, award ceremonies and pop up restaurants came in.
The Banquet Hall (featured above) is both beautiful and impressive with an ornate plaster work ceiling and stained glass windows from the theatre’s time as a church.
‘The nature of relationships have been evolving in Ireland for some years, with people being married later in life, with or without children, same sex partnerships and people often want to be more creative or alternative in their ceremonial choices or move away from the traditional church wedding… Caoimhe Connolly the theatre’s marketing manager mentions. When people see the room, often the first thought is – do you do weddings here, so we put in an application…
Virtual Tours of the building are on the theatre’s new website
Viewings of the building can be arranged through Clíona Dukes –


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