The Smock Alley Theatre at the Dublin Festivals

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October 20, 2010 by Smock Alley

The Absolut Fringe has packed up its tent again as has The Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival. What a few weeks it has been and Smock Alley Theatre was in the middle of it all.

It gives the world a small glimpse of the potential of what is going to happen at Smock Alley Theatre after Christmas when we move in for the build. More and more people are stopping outside the building and asking if this is the Smock Alley Theatre that they have heard about. The excitement is tangible and the realisation is strong that on this identical site almost 350 years ago this theatre was the heart and soul of what Dubliners got up to.

This was their reality TV, this was where they watched the stories of the day unfold, this was where the mirror was held up to nature (as Shakespeare said!). For 800 people a night, 7 days a week, Smock Alley Theatre entertained the city. It was as alive then as it will be when the build is done and the doors open once again. Fire and safety won’t allow 800 and we will close for one night of the week (we are looking at closing on a Monday night with plays on on a Sunday night (just like Broadway).

Despite the challenging times, after the festival season, I’m more confident than ever that we will achieve our goal to reinstate for Dublin, Ireland and the world-Dublin’s first and finest theatre of 1662-Smock Alley Theatre.

Patrick Sutton.



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