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June 4, 2010 by Smock Alley

We are tantalisingly close to getting Smock Alley Theatre to where it needs to be. The extraordinary thing about the last few months is the amount of people, not just in this country but from around the world who have been in contact with me wishing the development well for the future.

It is a crazy time economically. People are holding onto their money a little more carefully than in the greedy years and indeed they seem to recognise a project of this significance when they see it, because the donations are coming in. Ordinary donations, some for a fiver some five hundred – we are catching the imagination. I think it is fair to say that the world wide significance of what is happening with Smock Alley Theatre is beginning to hit home.

Look at what the Globe has done for London – and that building is a fabrication on a different site than the original and its impact has been significant for the cultural value of London. Smock Alley Theatre of 1662, on the identical site within the identical walls is impressive by any standards. Someone said to me the other day that we should go ask the powers that be to give us national monument status. That’s not a bad idea. For this week my fingers are crossed with confidence that those same powers that be will press the green light and off we go…

Oh and if you are at any class of a loose end, go to the donate section on the website (still in design but looking better and better by the day) and you will be brought to the My Charity.ie website where the donation options are laid out for you.

Best wishes.


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