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April 12, 2010 by Smock Alley

So today is the day we have come to realise the size of the black hole we are in. They are saying that this generation and the next and the next and the next will get up each day and work to clear up the mess. Sometimes the size of a catastrophe gets the smoke and mirrors treatment and I am left unclear as to exactly why I will carry the can for the pure un adulterated selfish greed of lenders and borrowers alike. I woke this morning punch drunk at the size of the crisis we are in and stopped and thought about the world I am trying to play a part in.

I need to keep it simple. I need to keep it straightforward. I need to hold a clear perspective when I get up in the morning and look at what values are at work in the day, week, months and years ahead.

Ringing strong and true and poignant is what is going on in the west end of Temple Bar. Smock Alley Theatre is an extraordinary project. If anyone needed a light in the darkness, Smock Alley Theatre might just be that light. The country is coming down with developments, estates unfinished, promises broken and pirates on the run and right in the heart of this capital city on the edge of the river Liffey is a building that is standing the test of time. In 1662 just as in 2010 Smock Alley Theatre is alive and taking its place among the extraordinary theatres of the world. Day by day (yes-a little slower and on a phased basis) Smock Alley Theatre is emerging and realizing its potential. Some days it is hard to actually realise that on this identical footprint in the 1660’s the people of Dublin and of Ireland went to this theatre to hear the stories of the day unfold. Smock Alley Theatre was the place for national debate. Smock Alley Theatre was where the imagination of the people was ignited. This is historic by any standards. Looking at the recent archaeological report and standing in the building as the “dig” was ongoing was, without doubt, one of the highpoints of my professional and personal life. A long way indeed from the banking shenanigans of the past months and years.

So what does it all mean? A group of people put their hands in their pockets and gave us 100’s of thousands in hard cash to get the Smock Alley Theatre ball rolling. The Department of Arts Sport and Tourism rolled in also. People are working day in day out for little financial gain to ensure that this historic, iconic project to bring Smock Alley Theatre back to life keeps its momentum and that is why I need you to take one minute to look at what you can do to help us to keep the ball in the air!

First thing this morning I went to the web site and went to the donate page and went to the page and entered my details and made a donation of €100. It was that easy and as the storm of financial chaos rage around me, I felt good and honest and hopeful to make a donation. Some days it’s ok to wake up and give something back! It’s called the feel good factor. Much needed.

Smock Alley Theatre-1662.

Patrick Sutton

Ireland. CHARITY NUMBER: 17241– Make a tax advantageous contribution.

Make a Donation Online

United States of America: The Smock Alley Theatre Foundation. A 501 C3 vehicle to enable supporters in The USA to help us achieve our goal. Company registration number:9579752K


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